Sunday, May 29, 2005

Caged - 7

"Thank you, Kara," Corwyn said. "Now you can understand my unique ability. With the help of the little ones, my life essence, along with my memories, can leave my body at will. It is normally invisible to the naked eye, but for some reason Shiva can see me when I do it."

"And I thought you were a ghost," I said.

"I can't interact with the physical world when I leave my body," he said. "So I guess 'ghost' is an appropriate term."

"How does this solve our dilemma?" √Čtienne asked.

"I also have the ability to split my life essence, and inhabit two or three bodies at the same time." Corwyn stared at me, studying me like a curious science experiment. "I believe that Shiva has this ability, too. He can see me in my subtle form, and that was the first signs I experienced long ago."

"So," Kara said, "we split him up into two different bodies, then remove Sparky from one of the bodies?"

Corwyn nodded. "Very good."

"Shiva lives and we get Sparky back," √Čtienne said.

"And you kill me the second you get Sparky back," I said.

"It won't work," Kara said. "Even if we let Shiva go first, it's doubtful he'd release Sparky from the other body. We can't trust him."

"I promise I'll be good," I said. "I'll let Sparky go free after I'm safely away, and I promise not to kill anyone. Well, at least not anyone who doesn't have it coming."

Kara cracked a smile and then frowned. "I hate it when you do that," she said.

"Do what?"

"Do something that reminds me of Sparky."

"But I am Sparky," I said. "And that's what really bothers you most, isn't it? Underneath it all, I am Sparky. And I know everything about you, Kara. I know where you like to be touched. I know what you sound like when you come."

Kara laughed, this time a condescending laugh. "You always push it too far, don't you, Shiva? Something happens to make me think of you as something slightly less than a monster, and then you ruin it."

"You only hate me because I remind you of what's lurking inside of you. I'm what you can become, and you don't want to face that."

"No," Kara said. "The only thing you are is pathetic."

And then they left me alone with the two vampire guards.

I'll show them who's pathetic.


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