Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Path of Destruction - 1

Kara and I ducked under the yellow tape stretched across the kitchen doorway.

"Don't touch anything," Detective Stokes said.

Stokes was tall and slim, dark brown skin, with hair graying at the temples. He had just recently become a homicide detective.

Another detective, a large stocky man, bald with a face like a bulldog, approached us. "You contaminate my crime scene and you'll wish you never met me."

I already wished I had never met him.

"These are the people I told you about," Stokes said to the detective. "Kara and Sparky Nix, this is Detective Bragg."

I nodded but Bragg ignored me and turned around. "This way," he said. He led us through the kitchen. It was large, like everything else in the mansion. Other detectives, spread out through the kitchen, paused while gathering evidence and stared at us. I got the feeling we weren't exactly welcome here.

We rounded a corner and Bragg stepped aside and stopped. Kara and I stopped next to him. It took me a moment to realize what I was looking at. The limbs were bent at angles that shouldn't be. The bodies entangled in a heap, most of their clothes ripped off. A nice neat pile in the center of the main cooking area. Some of the limbs were small, puncture wounds everywhere.

We were looking at the entire family.

Kara gasped. I fought the urge to throw up and looked away.

Bragg stared at us, studying our reactions. "You know who did this?"

I nodded. "Yes," I said. "I believe I do."

I took in a deep breath. Big mistake. I turned and ran out of the house, falling onto the grass. I breathed in the night air, and for some reason I didn't get sick.

I felt Kara's hand on my shoulder and I reached up to touch her soft skin. I needed something soft right now.

I looked up and saw Bragg and Stokes standing there. I squeezed Kara's hand.

"His name is Shiva," I said. "And he looks just like me."


  • Neat website! And is your Stokes by any chance related to Stokes on CSI? I'm addicted to that show. Anyway, nice writing!

    By Blogger Salena Moffat, at 11:42 AM  

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