Thursday, June 30, 2005

Path of Destruction - 3

Stokes walked up to the table with the teenagers, one of whom was gripping the waitress' arm.

"Let her go," Stokes said, his voice calm and steady.

Everyone's attention turned to Stokes. The teenagers stared at him while Kara and I casually walked up on either side of Stokes, flanking him.

The girl glared at Kara and me. "Vampires," she said, hissing.

The eyes of all the teenagers glowed bright yellow, their irises enlarging to fill most of their eyes. Stokes took a step back and drew his gun, aiming it at them. The waitress screamed and tried to run away but the one boy held her tight. Nearby patrons scrambled from their booths and out the door.

"Let her go," Stokes said again, this time louder and more forceful.

The teenagers were suddenly standing, a movement so fast I couldn't see it. I had never seen a vampire or werewolf move so fast. What were we dealing with?

"I don't want to let her go," the boy said. He smiled at us and slowly licked the waitress' neck, a long slow lick, like a big cat savoring its food. "She is too tasty to let go."

The waitress was shivering with fear, and the boy seemed to be feeding off it. I wanted more than anything to stop her fear. Somehow the boy was intensifying her fear as he fed. I focused my attention on the waitress and walked right up to her. No one looked at me or tried to stop me. I cautiously wrapped my arms around her and tried to comfort her. The teenagers stared past me, and I turned around to see my own body standing next to Kara.

Then I knew what to do. I entered the waitress' body. Suddenly I was looking out through her eyes, feeling her terror, feeling the boy sucking my life-force out of me. I found the fear and soothed it. I found the muscle that contributed to the terror and relaxed it. I felt her body suddenly relax. I moved my free hand and her free hand moved. My fingers pried off the boy's fingers gripping my arm. I turned to face him, my eyes calm and strong. The teenagers were shocked to see this, speechless as I stood amidst them with no fear.

"Leave now," I said, and I heard the waitress' voice speak the words.

The teenagers backed away awkwardly toward the diner entrance, obviously nervous and confused.

"Shiva won't like this," the boy said. "Shiva really won't like this."

Something snapped hard and I was back in my own body. I rushed to the waitress as her body collapsed and caught her. Her eyes fluttered and looked at me, confused.

I looked up and the teenagers were gone.


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